Gumball Machines

The Trend of Gumball Machines by Todd Iger

If you have always been thinking whether gumball machines are a form of gambling, then here is the perfect answer for you. According to a recent report, Tustin officials have argued that the gumball dispensers do represent a form of gambling. The owner of the Irvine-based Buy Gum Free Fun enterprise, Todd Iger is the one who runs several gumball machines in the various locations of Orange County.


He is now on a mission to add Soapy Lee to his list of locations. Todd has always advertised his gumball machines as a class much above than those simple ‘coin pushers’, which reward nothing. In fact, these coin pushers have been deemed in the city of California, as they only ask players to risk their asset on it and do not reward them with anything.

Argument by Todd

In a defense to his machines, Todd has mentioned that a gumball machine always rewards a player with a gumball every time when a coin is inserted in it. He made the fact clear to the Tustin Planning Commission recently. It is true that some of the commissioners have been moved away by his claim but the overall decision was not to provide Todd with a business license. According to the commissioner, Austin Lumbard, it is not in their purview to analyze and look into the entire set of nuances of the law.

While talking about the Todd’s machines, The Buy Gum Free Fun design is a combination of both the coin pusher and a gum machine. In these machines, the users are asked to pay only 25 cents for a gumball and are then awarded with a free game. This free game is big enough to change the size of their pocket. Todd further remarks that he has developed a better mousetrap, which can be beneficial to both the players and the company.

Locations of Todd’s Machines

Todd has expanded his business by placing the gumball machines in almost 95 locations around Southern California. These locations include Westminster, Costa Mesa, Orange, Garden Grove, Santa Ana and Anaheim just to mention a few out of all 95. Half of the clients are Laundromats such as Soapy Lee and other half of Todd’s clients include restaurants and car washes. According to Paolo Passuello, manager of three San Diego County Laundromats, the supplemental total revenue is almost about $30,000 per year. In addition to this, these machines are very interesting and provide complete entertainment even while you are washing your clothes.

Skill or Chance?

Todd believes that his gumball machines are based on skills. As the player keeps on gaining experience in it, he/she is able to develop better strategies and learn the perfect way to position coins. Todd is all set to appeal the decision of the Tustin Planning Commission and put the machine in the Council Court. However, the commissioners believe that Todd’s presentation was great but was not persuasive enough for all to accept it. Todd has not given up yet and is sure to continue try for the business license.