Gambling Expansion Means More Money

A Windfall of Money Expected by the Legislators due to Gambling Expansion

Lawmakers in Florida have a choice to make before the 2016 session heads their way. They have the opportunity to pass a $3 billion landmark gambling agreement with association with the Seminole Table. The move will eventually ease a lot of pressure in budgets in the years to come with the deal almost replacing the $ 1 billion deal that will go on for five years.

The Seminole deal is being intermingled with a lot of cobwebs as they are also concerned with other gambling interests. Most of it aims to gain an edge over the rivals. The two lawmakers who have been entrusted with the task to draft a bill about gambling that is bound to change the way it is being looked at include Rep. Jose Felix Diaz from R-Miami and Sen. Rob Bradley from R-Fleming Island. They have been endowed the responsibility of coming up with a bill that will run into favour with the State and the law. Diaz had something interesting to say about the partnership with Bradley which something like he does not envy his (Bradley) role, and nor does he envy his role.

Apart from the Seminole project, the Senate and the House have also played it well by granting other gambling outlets some provisions and concessions. Some of them include horse and dog tracks, 'jai alai frontons', and even the South Florida 'racinos' that have a combination of casinos and tracks. It was made clear that nearly all the gambling deals will be subjected to a vote that will be conducted across the state. Diaz had also mentioned that the proposals offered by the trio have given him a lot of flexibility when it comes to securing a vote in majority in the running of the House.

But it is to be noted that many lawmakers are conservative in their approach towards gambling and oppose expansion of the business. He further says that nearly all shits in the proposal will have a loss of vote and similarly a gain of vote as well. On the whole though, the House’s verdict will be a very close vote. The entire 20-year term that is being promised by the Seminoles can fetch about $9 million that will be given to the state. The project will start with an estimate of $325 million that will be given out in July of 2017, and subsequently that amount will rise to $550 million by the 2023.

Diaz futher comments that the figures are staggering and that most of it can go to health care, education and infrastructure. The Seminoles might have to expand their facilities and add gambling units in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casinos in Broward County and Tampa. They would be then allowed to add roulette and craps alongside slot machines and blackjack tables.

This move has met with some resistance from players such as Disney World who claim that such gambling activities if spread might hamper the image of the state, which is hailed as family friendly at the moment.