Greene King Start Bingo Operations

Gambling Commission Gives Green Light to Greene King to Start Bingo Operations in Their Pubs

It was recently decided that Greene King will try out new and upcoming commercial bingo games for the players. They had submitted an appeal to the Gambling Commission about the same, and Greene King has managed to win the argument in their favour. It is being described as a landmark appeal to have turn into their favour. Greene King is one of Bury St Edmunds largest brewery and has about 1000 pubs under its control. They had applied only last year for a license in bingo operations. They want to include the facility of linked bingo to give to their customers. This kind of bingo will allow the players to compete in national level games, and in turn get the chance to win big prizes. This can be done through terminals or electronic devices.

The mentioned application was initially refused by the Gambling Commission over a series of concerns. The first was the fact that it will increase bingo in all the clubs and pubs. The second being that it will open the possibility of having similar applications open up in the pubs. The appeal has been sent back to the Gambling Commission by NJ Warren who is the First-Tier Tribunal judge. In the appeal it is mentioned that the matter has the potential of being approved and should be done so by the Gambling Commission. It was also reported that members from Greene King and especially their spokesperson are happy with the ruling and delighted by how things will go forward.

She said in a statement that they are extremely pleased by the verdict. Having an operating license has solved most of their concerns, but also having a premise license will prove most beneficial. They can then start with their bingo operations on a more commercial level. She also said that bingo is loved game by many people, and it is engaging and lots of fun. Also, over time they plan to introduce more games to engage with their customers efficiently. This will also give them more choice in terms of games, and the company will be able to create a place in the hearts of the people.

This will also lead to more completion among the pubs. Hence, the quality and standards will rise, which is a good sign. Rob Willock who is the editor of Publican’s Morning Advertiser, which is a trade magazine, says that one of the primary reasons why the Gambling Commission was hesitant to not let this appeal go smoothly was because it will lead other pubs to demand the same privileges to open bingo operations in their premises as well. He further adds that there should not be any worries with respect to Greene King’s decision to start bingo operations in pubs. The pubs are now providing excellent food and drinks. Their coffee is unmatched, just like Costa or Starbucks. He finally adds that nearly all pubs are trying to incorporate something new and interesting in their menus and social calendar.